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Fortnite themed Parties

Fortnite birthday party parties

Laser Tag (first 2 hours starting at $300)

Additional obstacles and such

Nerf Party w/ Hotshock Guns & Rival rounds (ages 6+)

Nerf party with Hotshock guns, protective eye wear, ammo, inflatable obstacles, and party host.

Nerf Party w/ Kronos guns (ages 14+)

Video Game Party (first 2 hours for $300) ages 10+

a great time after dusk

Hosting video game parties for birthdays

Water Tag. (first 2 hours for $300)

Lego Party

Lego Party

Hot Wheels Car Party. (first 2 hours for $300)

R/C Car Party. (First 2 hours for $300)

Star Wars Inflatable Decorations

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