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Additional obstacles and such

Fortnite BattleBus

Inflatable Fortnite Battle Bus! "The Battle Bus is a conventional school bus that’s been painted blue and travels through the air with the help of a giant hot air balloon to drop off all the players in every game of Fortnite." (Your bus will be tethered and will not fly) The massive inflatable is 17.5-feet high and 18-feet long; that’s 11 rows of windows! This Battle Bus inflatable will blow you away with its size. Have the most epic Fortnite party ever and surprise your guests with this awesome inflatable! Inflatable is kept inflated with an air pump and held in place with short tethers. We will need access to a standard electrical outlet. The bus is an inflatable, it does not carry people or cargo. Dimensions: 17.5’H x 18’L x 4.5’W

Camouflage tent/tunnel Obstacle

This obstacle in not inflated. Great for cities that do not allow inflatables.

16 Foot Tall Super X Obstacle (first 2 hours $175)

Extra Party Host

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