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Nerf Party w/ Hotshock Guns & Rival rounds (ages 6+)
Deluxe 28 Nerf Gun Party (Ages 6+) (with tents, no inflatables)
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Size: 16 camouflage tent barriers.
Space Required: About a basketball court, but most every medium or larger yard woks. If you're friendly with your n

Deluxe 28 Nerf Gun Party (Ages 6+) (with tents, no inflatables)

This is similar to our other Nerf packages, except we bring pop up camouflage tents instead of inflatable obstacles for cities that do not allow inflatables in their parks. These Nerf guns are appropriate for ages 6 and up. Nerf party, your party host will arrive 45 minute early for set up, then supervise for the duration of the party working to make sure the players are being safe and having a good time. Your party host will lay a variety of games with the players such as, team game, every player for themselves, capture the flag, protect the VIP, king of the hill and others. By playing a variety of games it keeps things fun and interesting for hours.


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